Tony Jones


“ It’s a clinic in how fascinating, and listenable, and intelligent free jazz can be. Count this as a dark horse contender among the best jazz records of the year.”
- Alan Young, Lucid Culture

Tony Jones Puts Out a Fascinating, Hypnotic New Album « Lucid Culture (Lucid Culture)

"Whether exploring the outer reaches or quiet inner spaces, the music of tenor saxophonist Tony Jones is marked by his unmistakable caressing tone and an insistent curiosity about the nature of sound. He embodies the spirit of improvisation."
- Andy Gilbert

“On this ruminative record—and, indeed, it is a record, released primarily on vinyl, with MP3 downloads available—saxophonist Tony Jones, violinist Charles Burnham and percussionist Kenny Wollesen show themselves wholly comfortable within the quiet sonic space about them. Jones is the lead voice—the lead traveler, as it were—working his way across a terrain that is at once wide open and timeless, and newly created by the musicians themselves...the album simmers along sonic thought lines that...pop with human intensity.”
- Matt Marshall, All About

Tony Jones | Pitch, Rhythm, and Consciousness (All About

“It’s not about structure, timekeeping, loud squonking or chasing down scales at breakneck speed. Jones, Burnham and Wollesen prefer to instead to speak with each other civilly, spontaneously and communally. Jones plays his tenor with much discernment, walking the line between making every note count and not over thinking his playing. There’s much tradition and soulfulness in his mannerisms...Pitch, Rhythm and Consciousness won’t hit anybody over the head with noise because it makes the noise mysterious and discreet. Tony Jones & Co. certainly aren’t the first to approach music that way, but the distinctive way they set out to do it makes Jones’ record commendable for its creativity.”
- S. Victor Aaron, Something Else

Tony Jones – Pitch, Rhythm and Consciousness (2011) (Something Else