It is possible for music to be both beautiful and challenging as evidenced on THE WAY I AM by the vocalizing of Satin, who performs in a series of duets with pianist Crothers or guitarist Fite. The beauty comes from the delightful voice of Satin, who sings eight standards that are dripping with love. She conveys warmth and passion through her singing... (Satin) skirts through these love songs displaying all the romance and eloquence the tunes hold. The challenge comes from the instrumental side of the equation. Crothers... excels with probing solos... Her dense patterns underlining Satin's voice and her own explorations add considerable substance to the duets. Fite... contributes a challenging ring to his... duets with Satin. His playing adds lyricism to the songs... Love is in the air with Satin at the mike.... The three form two delightful teams.

Frank Rubolino, Cadence, February 2000