Jessica Jones Quartet - MOXIE

Jessica Jones Quartet





Jessica Jones, Tenor Sax
Tony Jones,
Tenor Sax
Stomu Takeishi, Bass
Kenny Wolleson, Drums

1. Moxie
2. In a Sentimental Mood
3. Haitian Cotillion
4. Soft Target
5. Dear Toy
6. Clapping Game
7. Tag on a Train
8. Manhattattan


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“Their latest effort is a chordless marvel, a lean and grooving program of six tunes that maintains a taut liveliness from beginning to end.”

Brian Zimmerman, Editor's Pick, Downbeat magazine 

“… predictably unpredictable, grounded yet far-reaching, and irresistibly intriguing in its unfolding. The tenors move along with a combination of patience and attitude, enhancing the underlying feel with their cool-headed, hot-blooded moves…a program that's both unrestrained and structurally sound.”

- All About

“JJQ’s two-tenor chemistry broadcasts micro-brewed cool with daring flair and dazzling magic, quicksilver bop sopped in swinging ba-da-bings spun from unpredictable rhythms and rich wind-blown tones. …shadowy solos crawling through marinated menageries like cobras eloping with bipolar ghosts.”