Richard Tabnik - SOLO JOURNEY

Richard Tabnik




Richard Tabnik, solo alto saxophone

1. Doorway
2. Come To Me
3. Question
4. Answer
5. This Had To Be
6. How Can I?
7. Height
8. Depth
9. I'm All For You
10. Suiteness
11. Moment Devine
12. Echoes of a Feeling
13. Expansion
14. Lester Young's Clarinet Solos
on "Countless Clues"
15. Leap of Joy
16. Where Can You Be?
17. Blues With an Excerpt From "Parker's Mood"
18. I'll Always Be Sure

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19. Visage
20. Mirage
21. Barrage
22. Balance
23. Longing
24. Cellular Striving
25. Hipnosis
26. Go To It
27. How Lovely You Are
28. How Can They Come True?
29. This Had to Be
30. Spaced
31. Intensity
32. No One
33. Solo Journey
34. Joy Devine
35. Heart's Desire
36. Childhood Memory
37. Paradise
38. Points of View
39. Off the Cuff
40. Final Word



Recording Date: September 14, 1990 at BMG Studios, N.Y.C.

" the poeticism of the melodic line...rewards the attention necessary to begin to appreciate the subtle turnings of Tabnik's melodies ... striking ... well worth the attention..."
-David Dupont, Cadence

"...a great musician with a unique approach that's not a household name but still deserves world class attention... His solos are models of melodic improvisation...his conception is as vivid as it is unique...a saxophonist of unquestionable ability..."
-Tim Price, Saxophone Journal

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